The Goal of Media Coaching

In the present cameras-everywhere environment…

Media Coaching is not an option, it’s a must!

Whether it’s TV, radio, making a speech or even tweeting, Jeanne Wolf will coach you to score like her A-list clients who’ve learned how to kick communications up a notch.

Jeanne Wolf has built her success in media training on her experience as an award-winning host, correspondent and reporter for influential TV shows as well an editor and writer for major magazines. She’s interviewed literally thousands of stars at the top of their game in every aspect of show business, along with best-selling authors, super athletes and CEOs of major companies. She’s discovered what it takes for these high-profile winners to cut through the noise and make an impact.

Wolf delivers the ultimate in media coaching based on a personal one-on-one and very confidential approach. She strategizes a media plan uniquely designed for each individual to meet their specific goals and control the media machine to their advantage. The results speak for themselves…

Developing a strong connection with your target audience.

The president of a major division of one of the largest Hollywood studios was told that her division was so successful that it was about to be spun-off as a separate company. Suddenly she would have to speak to stock analysts and large groups of people as well as be interviewed by a host of reporters. We worked together on organizing her ideas to make her feel comfortable and become more effective in tailoring her messages to different audiences. She learned to master the mysterious sound bite. Now she is regularly invited as a TV commentator. And she has advanced considerably in her career.

A young actor loved his top rated series except when it came to doing publicity. He was a great talker but just didn’t understand why he had to deal with to so many reporters. Even the very first time I worked with him- he completely changed. “No one ever told me there’s a way to do this and have fun. No one really answered the question in my mind about why media was so important for me.” With a little more work he became a talk champ. I got many thanks from the network and even his mother.

Don’t leave yourself out of the message but use your uniqueness to add to the impact.

A top multimedia designer for audio and video installations was in the running to plan an innovative new military museum. His breakthrough ideas were very user-friendly. Problem was, he was used to pitching his plans to Hollywood creative types and now he would have to give a speech in front of top military personnel. He was so stressed he was ready to give up trying for his dream project. He’d written a speech in which the words were way too dull and technical. We worked together to add his vibrant personality to the mix. He had to “be himself.” He went to Washington newly confident that he could share his enthusiasm along with his intricate plans. I helped him discover that genius and charm can go together effectively. The museum is now open with all of the interactive elements he envisioned.

Playing the media game to serve up your own message.

The champion was a winner but being asked more about her short skirts than her backhand. She was booked on “The Tonight Show” and wanted to “serious up” her image. I helped her master the technique of returning a remark about her personal life with humor. And then serving up an anecdote of how committed she was to training and why she was determined to remain a winner.

Famous stars, athletes and executives have trusted Jeanne Wolf to give them new power to communicate. As she puts it: “I’ve created a program that works. I know I can coach your clients to be effective. The pros don’t just “wing it.” They work hard. Sounds funny but you’ll see that practice makes for spontaneity.”